Martin Davies – recording studio professional

With a career spanning 37 years as a sound engineer including 30 years at the ABC I’m focussed on working with creative people in their quest to connect with their audience.

I offer music recording, mixing and mastering services – either in the studio or on location.

I provide recording, sound design, editing and mixing for film and television production.

My involvement with music spans the era of analogue tape and vinyl to today’s fully digital workflow and am comfortable working in a hybrid analogue-digital studio or fully inside “the box”.

My film and television credits cover a multitude of in house productions for the ABC and independent film makers – some of which are listed on IMDB.

I started my career as an in house assistant engineer in 1984 at Adelaide Recording Studios, a jingle writing and music recording studio situated in Moger Lane, Adelaide.

I left there after being the chief engineer and worked at the Convention Centre and then at SAS Channel 7 at Gilberton on a number of productions including Fat Cat and Friends, A Touch Of Elegance, Trax, Anne Wills’ Movie Scene, program promotions and outside broadcasts.

I moved to ABC radio where I worked on orchestral and music recordings, live radio and outside broadcasts, drama and also in an editorial role for some time for ABC Local Radio.

I worked in ABC Television from 2000 until mid 2019 on Beat The Chef, The Cook And The Chef, Poh’s Kitchen, various documentaries such as Salinity, George Negus presents and Talking Heads, game shows such as Pick Your Face, live broadcasts such as Q+A, Australia Talks, Anzac Day, SANFL, and The Art Show, and news and current affairs shows such as 7 pm News, 7:30 report, Australia Votes, Australian Story, Four Corners, Behind The News, and Landline.

I sound designed edited and mixed The Lost Tools Of Henry Hoke, Damn Right I’m A Cowboy, Little Bang’s New Eye, Helping Hand: Unspoken Truths, and was boom swinger for RAA: Keep on Moving and sound recordist on Damage and The Road To Glory (still in production).

I have access to studio facilities (SodyPop) and a 7.1 surround edit and mix room of my own.

I am looking forward to more projects to come this year so it’ll be fun and exciting.

Thanks for reading and please get in touch.


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